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A couples photoshoot for me, is A LOT OF FUN. I absolutely love to turn my engagement sessions and couples shoots into half-day adventures to beautiful locations. Think of it as an epic day spent making memories with your love – relaxing, laughing, even popping a bottle of champagne in the park – just with a photographer there to join you!

Not into nature? Let’s curl up in your cozy home and take photos with your pets, your plants, and the art that feels like YOU. It’s such a fun way to document who you really are together in your own space!


Doing an engagement session, couples session, or anniversary shoot gives you an opportunity to take some AMAZING photos together on a day that is much less stressful and busy than your wedding! Plus, it gives you the chance to take photos anywhere, without many time-restrictions! And, if I’m also photographing your wedding, it gives you the opportunity to see how I shoot, and get a little more used to being in front of the camera!


I’m a fun, outgoing, artistic and nature-loving photographer, and I’d like to think that my photos reflect this! I love to take pictures that are playful, honest, fun, real, and intimate. That said, my engagement photos and couples pictures are unique to everyone I work with! I’ll hang out with you, ask questions, get to know you and really work to understand your vibe so I can capture it honestly and truthfully in a beautiful, artistic and flattering way!

I also like to take huge variety of pictures – close up, far away, candid and silly, serious and cool, some looking at the camera, and some where you are lost in an inside joke together, giggling uncontrollably and being absolutely YOU. My work incorporates natural light and raw surroundings as much as possible, and I prefer my editing to be true-to-life, with a feeling of rich warmth to my my tones and colors. I do sometimes utilize flash photography where the natural light is not sufficient.


“But what if we’ve never done pictures before?!

“What if we are awkward AF?

“My fiancé hates having his photo taken!”

Don’t worry! These are totally natural feelings! And I’ve got your back! I give a TON of direction when I’m taking your photos so you never have to ask “what do I do with my hands?!” or feel nervous.

I won’t put you in awkward poses, but I will give you plenty of cues that will get you moving, laughing, and interacting the way you always do.

PLUS, I’ll teach you the best ways to position your body so it looks the most flattering in front of the camera!


Interested in working with me? That’s awesome! Here’s a little insight into how my process works.

1) Email me! From there we can set up a phone call to get to know each other and chat about details! I want to hear all about you and your story!
2) Choose one of my collections and I’ll send you an electronic contract and invoice reserve the date! Then you’ll be officially booked!
3) I’ll send you resources to help you figure out outfits and a perfect location!
4) On the day of the shoot, we’ll meet up and carpool somewhere amazing! This will allow us to take spontaneous stops, crack jokes, and get to know each other on the way. I always recommend bringing booze too if you like to drink – it will help loosen you up AND make the day more fun!
5) After the shoot, I’ll upload the photos and get rid of anything awkward, out of focus, or a duplicate, and then I will put the rest in a private online gallery and send them to you as proofs right away. They will be straight out of my camera at this stage, but you will able to look through them all and choose your favorites for me to edit and retouch. Each of my collections has a specific number of final images, so depending on which one you get you’ll be able to choose 20, 50, or 75 images for me to edit.
6) Once you finish selecting your favorites and email me, it will take two weeks for me to edit them and get them back to you!
7) I’ll edit and retouch the photos and deliver them in a second online gallery where you can download them directly or order any prints you might want!

Paparazzi Starter
Session Parameters:
One Certified Photographer
2 Hours of Photography Coverage
High Resolution Images
Online Downloadable Gallery ready within 72 hours
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Paparazzi Package
Session Parameters:
One Certified Photographers
6 Hours of Photography Coverage
Different Locations
High Resolution Images
1 - 16 x 20 Photograph
2 - 8x 10 Photographs
4 - 5x 7 Photographs
Online Gallery ready within 72hrs
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